Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Clearing

Every spring I do my 'spring cleaning'. It really isn't as much about cleaning as it is clearing. I keep the house clean all year round so I am not worried about dirt. However, it seems like we collect a ridiculous amount of 'stuff' every year. We use the new 'stuff' and the old 'stuff' becomes clutter or gets packed away. Thirty-four years of 'stuff' adds up! In addition to collecting new things, there are always the things that break but don't get thrown out because it just needs some super glue or a small piece that will make it brand new again. Some how those pieces always get put up on a shelf or stuck in a box to be fixed at a later date that never seems to arrive. This is the 'stuff' that I clear out every spring. I have got a big portion of my clearing finished. I have several boxes of things going to Goodwill and a lot of trash that has been disposed of. I was able to consolidate some of the 'stuff' that we still want to keep so I have fewer boxes to store. Some people do spring cleaning every year but I do spring clearing!

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