Monday, February 25, 2013

Being lazy

Today I am being lazy. I have a ceramic order that needs to be worked on and plenty of things that need to be done here at the house but I am not doing them. I am doing laundry and messing around on the computer. I just don't feel like doing anything. I am tired...drained...have no energy or enthusiasm. If I tried to do things, I am afraid they wouldn't be done right so I might as well just wait and do them another day. Agree?

This past week, my mother has done much better. My dad has stayed away from the nursing home and she is sooooooo much better. I hope this continues. The nurses are amazed at her. She is smiling, talking and very responsive. I know that she will not get well but this is so much better than seeing her sleeping and crying all of the time. I just pray that things will continue like this for her. She seems so much more relaxed and comfortable.

Allen started a new job today. He is excited about it. He worked for another company for a few weeks but was very disappointed in the way they did business. Extremely unprofessional and Allen doesn't work that way. He does well in sales because he is reliable and honest. People trust him and he just cannot work for a company that isn't honest about their dealings. This new company has a great reputation in the area and I think Allen is a perfect fit for their sales team!

He has started wood carving again. It is a big stress reliever for him and he can turn out some pretty neat things. Right now he is working on some wooden spoons. He made me a couple of them years ago and I asked him to make some more. The wood he is using is really pretty when they are finished. He has been pouring a lot of ceramic pieces for Sarah and I to work on for the Crimson Cactus.

Sarah and I have been checking out several art and craft shows to get into this year. Outside festivals are hard for us to do because our necklaces are so lightweight that they will blow right off of the displays if a breeze picks up at all. In this part of the country, there is a breeze just about all of the time. Indoor events are much harder to come by but we are looking. If you know of any, please let us know.

The buzzer on my dryer just went off for the second time so I guess I better close for now and tend to the laundry. Especially since that is the only productive thing I am doing today. :)

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