Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Catching up

Wow! It has been almost a whole month since I posted here. Sorry! However, it has been a super busy month. Got to KC and packed up stuff at my parents' house for their move. Sorted through the rest of our stuff and got it ready to move. Then drove my parents down in a caravan with 2 u-haul trucks (driven by Allen and Travis) and Sarah and Keith in their truck. It was a long trip but everyone made it safe and sound. Mom & Dad's stuff was delivered on the 2nd and then the unpacking started. Everything is now unpacked, put up or hung up and their new place looks really nice. Their furniture fits the rooms great. I hope they will enjoy it. There were some kinks with ATT getting their cable hooked up but that was resolved on Monday so Dad will be able to watch the NCAA basketball tourney games so he is happy about that. I am pooped!

Sarah, Keith and AJ made the move, too, and she has gotten their place looking super (as usual), too. Now life can hopefully get back to a semi-normal routine. Keith is getting doctors lined up at the VA here so that is good. There are several children Alex's age in their new complex and he has introduced himself to all of them. He informed me, yesterday "Grammy, I just love making new friends!" He is a sweetheart for sure!

I am trying to find a doctor for Mom and Dad. I thought the internet would be a great source for information but unfortunately it isn't helping much at all. Every doctor I find has terrible ratings. I don't know how reliable these ratings are because there are usually only 2 to 6 comments left but they all seem to be really negative. Hopefully, the doctors have a lot more patients but I guess they only ones who comment are the ones who are not happy. Mom is still extremely tired all of the time and her memory seems worse by the day. Dad is not doing well either, though. His hands shake terribly at times and he advised that he is having dizzy spells. That is why he no longer wants to drive and asks me to take them places that he needs to go. I'm hoping to find a doctor this week and get appointments for both of them as soon as possible.

Even with all of the work that has been going on, we took time out this past Saturday and went to Gonzales, TX for some sightseeing with Sarah, Keith and Alex. On our way back, we stopped at Palmetto State Park and checked out one of their hiking trails. It is really a nice place and we plan to go back for a camping weekend soon! On Sunday, we went to Boerne, TX and thoroughly enjoyed checking out all of the neat shops in their downtown. I am making a list of places to check out the next few weeks. Alex wants to go to the beach but since spring break started last Friday, we are going to hold off going down there until that is over. :)

Well, that should catch everyone up on the happenings for the past month. I will certainly try to post more often now. Leave a comment and let me know how you are doing!

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