Friday, February 18, 2011

Packing again...

I'm packing today but just a suitcase. I'm heading to KC tomorrow for a week of real packing. We still have some 'stuff' in Sarah & Keith's garage that I need to go through and pack what I want to keep and donate the rest. Then, I go to my parents' house to pack their belongings. I have attained the title 'master packer' years ago so I don't need to keep doing this and I am hoping there won't be many more times that I have to.

We have determined that Texas is where we belong. No matter how many times we leave, we still end up coming back. Our plan now is to find a place in San Antonio or the area around it to permanently call home.

I'm certainly looking forward to the first weekend of March because by that time everything in KC should be here and put neatly away. Just in time for spring...a time of new beginnings. We will all have lots of new beginnings this jobs, new homes, new surroundings, new things to do and places to see! A really exciting time. As I told Travis and Sarah when they were young and we moved...a new adventure! I know that I am looking forward to it and I think everyone else is, too! So, back to packing this suitcase!

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