Monday, November 3, 2014

Spoke too soon!

The month of October started out wonderfully with the beautiful wedding of Travis and Brandi! So happy for both of them! We enjoyed meeting her family and seeing west Texas again in all of its beauty! Even managed a Star Party at Fort Davis Observatory.

Was not even home for a week when I discovered a spot in my breast. Not what I expected or wanted at all. Went to the doctor the very same day, mammogram, sonogram and biopsy done the next day (10/10/14) and was advised on Tuesday morning (10/14/14) that it was indeed cancer. So after a PET Scan and an MRI and various types of blood work and meetings with nurses and doctors, a plan of action was determined and began. I will have 4 combination drug chemo treatments at 2 week intervals, followed by 12 more weekly chemo treatments. After that, they will remove whatever mass is still left and remove the port...about a 6 month process. The port was installed on Friday morning followed by my first chemo treatment. I did fine both Friday and Saturday but by mid morning on Sunday, nausea started. They have given me medication to take for it and said it will only last for 2 or 3 days after each treatment. Then I should be fine until the next treatment. It is a very scary time for sure and one I wasn't prepared for at all. I had so many projects planned for this fall and winter that now will have to go at a much slower pace or not take place at all until this finished. Maybe someone is telling me I need to slow down for a bit.

Travis flew in from California on Monday to be with me for the first infusion which was originally schedule for Wednesday, the 15th. However, due to a mix-up in scheduling, it had to delayed until Friday, the 17th. Sarah had plans that were made weeks ago to be in Kansas City on the 16th so she and Alex left Thursday morning and Brandi came in Thursday afternoon. Travis took me shopping for a hat on Wednesday afternoon but ended up buying me 3 of them. After Brandi arrived on Thursday, we all went to the American Cancer Society where they gave me a wig, some scarves and lots of instructions and ideas of how to deal with all of this. So much to take in but I am trying to stay focused on one day at a time. I am just resting today...not planning to do much at all. Sarah and Alex will be returning home by tomorrow evening so that will be a big help. She is still dealing with some health issues as well but is on the up side now so I guess it is her turn to help me out some. Not what I was hoping for. I wanted everyone healthy for a change. I know God has a plan and all of our trials make us stronger but I really think at this point, I am about as strong as I can get.

I ask for continued prayers for all of us as we try to work through this. Thank you so much for all of the cards, notes and calls that I have already received. Oh, one other thing...several people have asked about sending flowers or plants but I cannot have those around me while on chemo. All of my houseplants have been moved into Sarah's room. Love you all! Stay in touch!

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