Sunday, September 28, 2014

Endings and beginnings

September is rapidly coming to a close. Allen spent almost a week in the hospital having tests run after a heart attack/stroke scare. Ended up with a bad case of cellulitis and dehydration. Not a pleasant mix. His tests all came back great though so that is good. The infection has cleared up and he is back to his old self again. He does not handle hospitals or medications very well so I am quite glad this is over.

My Uncle Loyd passed away last week. He never really recovered from the stroke he had three years ago. He fought a hard battle but it was time for him to go home. My siblings and I all got to visit with him in August when we went to Missouri for the memorial for Mom. He was doing good when we were there and we all got to talk with him and had a good visit. After we all left, he took a turn for the worse and just didn't recover this time. He lived a great life and had a definite impact on so many lives. He will be greatly missed.

There has been a lot of reflection done the past couple of months and a lot of sad tears have been shed. However, this coming week will be a time of great celebration! Travis and Brandi are getting married Friday evening, October 3rd in Terlingua, Texas. It will be a small family/close friends event but we are all looking forward to a wonderful evening. We haven't met Brandi's family yet and are looking forward to that. Travis and Brandi just made the move from Austin to Pasadena, CA where Brandi accepted a new job. A new job, new city, new home and a new life together. How exciting! We wish them all the very best and feel so blessed to be able to be with them as they embark on their new adventure together.

We are ready for some happy times to begin!

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