Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ummm....I believe May is just about over

Ok. It has been a while since I have posted here. I just got on and realized that my last post says "Hello, March!" So, I am a little bit behind. However, since that last post a lot has happened. This is the first time I have been able to just sit down and actually surf around in quite a while. At any rate, here is what has been going on. We have moved to Pflugerville, TX...just north of Austin. Pretty much a bedroom community for Austin. So far, we are enjoying it here. I love having the house back on one level again. Two story houses can be beautiful but they are just not very practical for us. Most of our stuff has been unpacked and put away. Even after donating a lot of stuff before we made the move, we have found a lot more to give away while unpacking so we are becoming quite familiar with our local Goodwill donation station. I just really don't know where all of this stuff comes from. We sold our living room and dining room furniture before moving so I went shopping for some more. The dining room furniture and chairs will be delivered this week but the couch won't be here until June. I am still working on the master bedroom and bath but things are beginning to look like home. Sarah went crazy with spray paint and we have some old items that now look new. I also decided that I am tired of drab 'neutral' colors and am adding some bright color to the rooms. I hope it will look as good in the rooms as it does in my mind! :)

We moved in on April 18th and went to church on Easter Sunday. It felt really good to be back in church again. We have been going since and actually joined the church this morning. Sarah is already singing in the choir again and Alex loves his new Sunday School class. Our new neighbors are so fact, the pianist at the church actually lives next door to us on one side. There are several children in the neighborhood...mostly girls...but there is one boy and he and Alex are having a great time together! Everyone is settling in nicely and really enjoying both the house and our neighborhood. Of course, Lake Pflugerville being only a mile away has been Allen's favorite part...he can go fishing any evening of the week!

Sarah has been doing great! Her doctor has now stopped the home nurse and she should be completely healed in just a few more weeks. It is so good to see her smiling and back to her old self again! Spring is a time of new beginnings and we have had a lot of new beginnings this year and are really excited about all of the possibilities before us!

That pretty well sums up what has been going on here. Let me know what you have been up to!

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