Thursday, February 6, 2014

Another birthday passed!

2014 is already slipping by way too fast! Of course with the passing of January, I have added another candle to my birthday cakes. Last year was a really hard year for me. With all of the crazy day to day issues that I survived, I turned 60. That was depressing for me. The first birthday that has really had any kind of impact on me. This year, 61 wasn't an issue but 60 was. I guess it forced me to realize that I am definitely on the downhill side of life. My time here is getting shorter and shorter. That seems a little scary. Of course, nobody has any guarantees from day to day but it just hit me hard that I really may not be here much longer. There are things I need to say and get done before I run out of time. At any rate, I managed to get through last year and I did make it to 61. I am hoping that this year will be much calmer than last year...I don't think anyone could take very many years like last year was.

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