Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Emotions. How do you change the way you feel about things? I am entirely too emotional. I am trying to go through a huge stack of plastic storage tubs so I can get rid of things and organize what is left. Every box I open brings a flood of memories and usually a few tears. Not sad tears...happy tears but none the less tears. How do you get rid of the crib mobile that Allen found when he was out of town working. He came home just before Travis was born and was so proud that he had found this musical mobile with Raggedy Ann and Andy. It didn't match anything else in the nursery but he thought it was wonderful so over the crib it went. When Travis outgrew it, it was carefully packed away and brought back out when Sarah was born. Then, it was packed away and we have been moving it around the country with us for nearly 29 years. I keep telling myself that someone else could be enjoying it if I donate it instead of keeping it packed up.

I have t-shirts that the kids earned selling girl scout cookies or going to cub scout summer camp. They will never wear them again and eventually they will dry rot so why not donate them so another child can wear them? I have several 3 piece suits in sizes 2T, 3T and 4T...that Travis wore to church and a couple of bow ties. All darling and he looked so sweet in them but now they just take up space. There are autographed programs and baseballs from Diablos baseball games. The scrubs Allen wore when Travis was born. Years of birthday cards, Mother's Day and Father's Day cards. So many memories. So much stuff. This is turning out much harder than I thought it would be. I wish I was a little less sentimental about things.


  1. Here's my thoughts:

    The clothes will not be worn again by us, and keeping them in tubs in storage is just silly! Donate them to the local DAV or Good Will where people in need can use them! The same with the crib mobile. Remember how proud Dad was to bring it home? Well, maybe there's another dad out there who will be just as proud! As for the autographed things...if it's something that can be displayed (hung in a frame, or sat on a shelf) keep it and display it. But if it's just something you're going to leave in a box, then perhaps it should go, too!

    Now, about the greeting cards! (cause I know you keep ALL greeting cards!) Here's something you can do with them that will help make a difference!

  2. Great idea on the cards EXCEPT when I went to their site, they do not accept Hallmark or American Greetings cards. Unfortunately, that's most of my cards! I'll definitely keep them in mind though during the year. Thanks!