Thursday, June 22, 2017

One whole year...

It has been one whole year since I have posted anything. Cancer was gone. Granddaughter, Adaline Lovelace Swicegood was born on July 19th. Cancer treatment ended. Allen had issues with his foot...ended up losing a little toe and part of his foot bone. Was in the hospital a couple of times and had to take leave from work for everything to heal. I had issues with my hip and was scheduled for hip replacement surgery the first week of 2017 but cancer was found in the chest wall near my port. Surgery cancelled. Back on immunotherapy. Didn't work. Had 18 radiation treatments. Cancer breaking down again. Found suspicious spots in lung. New chemo started. Became dehydrated. Back in the hospital for a week. Found another lump in the breast. Biopsy shows it is cancer...still waiting to find out what kind. Chemo stopped. New treatment scheduled to start tomorrow. That is that past year in a nutshell! This shows most of the 'bad' stuff. Lots of good things happened too. Got to see my granddaughter grow her first year. Got to see Alex start maturing into a good young man. Hoping Sarah is on the road to better health. Got to spend holidays and birthdays with everyone for one more year. Please keep us all in your prayers! Love to you all!

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