Saturday, August 23, 2014

Where has the summer gone?

Gosh! It is hard to believe that August is almost over...fall will soon be here. This year, we have constantly been on the go! Sarah and I took our necklaces to the Grand Chapter of Texas earlier this month. We got home in time to unpack and then repack to head to Missouri. I took my Mother's ashes and met with my siblings and some extended family in Fredericktown to spread her ashes over her parents' graves. It was a sad time in some ways but we all shared memories of Mom and we got to visit with each other. It was the first time in more than 34 years that all of us had been together. It was a short trip but hopefully we will all get together more often from now on.

The same weekend we went to St. Louis, Travis and Brandi headed to Pasadena, CA to begin a new adventure in their lives. Brandi starts her new job this next week. They will be returning to Texas to get married in October so they will certainly have a busy fall. Sarah is making lots of new plans for her life and for Alex as well. I am excited for her and all of the possibilities that await them. She has had a really long and trying year to say the least and it is high time she had some joy and excitement back in her life. Allen has been doing some late evening fishing and is filling up the freezer with catfish for a fish fry this fall. Don't know if he will get to do any hunting this fall or not but I hope so. A good venison roast sounds pretty tasty! I love venison stew in the fall and winter, too! I will keep my fingers crossed.

I think things should start slowing down for a bit now and we can catch our breath! The wedding is still ahead of us but I think it is going to be a rather laid-back affair and it sounds like they have things pretty much under control. Allen and I will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary on September 1st. Gosh! That sounds like a long time but it really doesn't seem like it. Alex starts 4th grade on the 2nd of September...doesn't seem possible...he is growing up so fast!

That pretty much catches you up on what we have been doing and immediate plans so I will stop for now. Let me know how things are in your part of the world!

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