Thursday, September 13, 2012

Alzheimer's Awareness Month

I have been visiting nursing homes the past two weeks trying to locate a place suitable for my mother. She needs to be in a facility that offers Memory Care. What I am seeing is scary. The people with Alzheimer's mostly sit in wheel chairs and stare blankly into the rooms. A few walk the halls but have no expression on their faces. None speak or acknowledge that they hear you speak to them. I have asked if they are kept drugged because it is my understanding that often times this disease will cause the patients to become paranoid and combative which would make it hard for nursing staff to control them...especially with several patients at the same time. I have been told no...this is what will eventually happen to everyone who gets this disease.

People, we have got to find a cure for this!!! Quickly!! More and more people are being diagnosed with it every day. It sucks the memories of your whole life away and eventually turns you into a vegetable! It is a horrible thing to watch my mother ask where her mother is because she has forgotten that her mother died 19 years ago and then cry because "nobody told me that Mom died...I didn't even get to go to her funeral" It is hard to watch her cry because she is so confused and can't even complete a sentence because she loses her thought. This is Alzheimer's awareness month! There are numerous walks being held throughout the country. Please participate and/or support these efforts! You can get more details on the disease and how you can help at

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