Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy June!

Well, another month has gone and a new month is here! Things just don't seem to ever slow down. Sarah and I have been busy making lots of new items to put on our website for sale and I thoroughly enjoy that. She has done a lot of work on our websites and I am truly thankful! Great job, Sarah!

I am still working on some projects around the house as well, but at least they are smaller ones. Allen on the other hand, still has quite a few boxes in the garage that he needs to go through. Most of the 'stuff' in them I think will end up in the trash but there may be a few treasures to be found so he needs to check them all out. He has started carving again and is taking some carving classes as well. I also have a few wooden projects I want him to work on for me as soon as he can get his garage stuff organized. I think the plan is to get it finished up this next Saturday. Yeah!

Working, working and working. That about sums up what we have been doing. What plans do you have for this summer?

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