Monday, November 21, 2011

Preparations for Thanksgiving

Working today to catch up some household chores and laundry from the weekend. Sarah and I did a big Christmas show at the Freeman Coliseum this past weekend. Our necklaces seemed to be a big hit! We were pleased. We have signed up for 2 more shows to do the first week of December and then we will be taking a break from shows for a while. We will just handle the orders that come in on the website until spring. In January, we will sit down and make plans for next year. We learned a lot this past year and have found out about some great shows/markets to get into for next year. We have even been invited to a couple of shows that are 'invitation only' so that is very exciting! So much to be thankful for...this week and always!

I will be fixing Thanksgiving dinner this year. Travis and Megan are spending this week in Michigan with her family but Sarah, Keith and Alex will be here and so will my parents. Mom's memory is slipping away more and more each day it seems. All we can do is be patient with her. I told her that I was fixing dinner for Thanksgiving and want her to come. She said she really didn't feel like cooking right now anyway so that would be good. She would just come to eat. She is very good at that. :)

I love cooking and baking and Thanksgiving is one of my favorite meals to make. When Sarah reminded Alex that Thanksgiving would soon be here he was delighted! "Yeah! We can have monkey bread for breakfast!" He wasn't all that interested in the turkey and trimmings! He loves monkey bread and I usually fix in Thanksgiving morning. He wants to be sure he gets some, so he has asked if he can have a sleep-over Wednesday night. Of course that is fine with me. He enjoys helping in the kitchen so he's going to help me make pies Wednesday afternoon, too. What fun!

We have so much to be thankful for this year. We are living in a new city that we are really enjoying. We have made new friends. Allen loves his job and the people he works with. Our children live close and so do my parents so we can see them on a regular basis. Our cup runneth over! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!


  1. We'll miss you this Thanksgiving, but I'm grateful to have some time with my family - especially the elderly in my life. Have a wonderful day and know we'll be thinking about you guys.

  2. Family is important and I am glad that you all are able to be there but we will miss you all. We'll have a good time at Christmas, though! Give your parents our best and have a great Thanksgiving!