Monday, August 1, 2011

Another month gone

I am not doing very well with my plan of writing more. Well, I am writing more on the blog about Mom but not here. I was hoping to write at least once a week here but the whole month of July came and went with nothing so that obviously isn't working. To be honest, right now there just isn't a whole lot to write about. I worry about Mom but it doesn't really help anything. I worry about Dad too, because he is the one who is with Mom 24/7 and I can see it taking its toll on him. I just have to stay positive and pray about it. After all, God is the one who is in charge of everything...not me.

As for updates...Allen is still loving his job and enjoying the people he works with and for. The business climate here is so different than Kansas a much better way. He hasn't done any fishing yet but the weather has been really hot so we are planning on some camping and fishing this fall. We have some great state parks that are close and we are only 2 hours from the Gulf of Mexico so that is great!

Travis and Megan got the rest of their stuff moved to Austin this past month and Megan will be coming down the end of this week! I know they will be glad to have just one household to worry about again!

Keith is working on plans to go to school this fall or by January at the latest and Alex just finished his first session of first grade and is doing super! He has the month of August off for his summer break. He is growing like a weed though...getting so tall.

Sarah and I have been working on adding new products to our line and scheduling shows to attend this fall. We are doing the New Braunfels Farm to Market on a regular basis now and enjoying that. We have some new supplies coming in this week and are excited to get some new things made. We have been working with Allen on new products for Mule Deer Jack and will be releasing them this week, too. If you need any gifts or just some great products for yourself, please check out our website,

Leave a comment or drop me a note to let me know what you have been up to.

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