Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Moving, moving, moving

Everything here is pretty much in place. The main focus now is the move at the end of the month. Sarah and Keith are moving down here and so are my parents. We are going back to KC to get the rest of our stuff and help with both of their moves. I'll be going up earlier than Allen so I can get our remaining items sorted and packed and pack up my parents' house. My brother is helping them with the cost of their move so once everything is packed up, the movers can get their stuff and bring it down. Allen and I will be loading our stuff and helping Keith and Sarah get their truck loaded and driven down here. I'll drive Mom and Dad in their car and Allen will drive one of the trucks down. We'll have a caravan coming down so I am hoping for some good weather the last weekend of February. Once everyone gets down here, things should go more smoothly. Unloading and unpacking always goes faster than packing and loading does. We should have everyone moved in and set up by the first weekend of March. It will be so much easier on everyone to be closer again. Then, Megan will be the only one left to bring down. At the rate she is streamlining everything, she may be able to fit their stuff in her car and bring down! :) Moving is no fun...especially when so many are doing it at the same time. But once it is over, there are so many new things to see and do, it will make it all worth the hassles now. I am asking everyone to say an extra prayer or two for us during the next 2 or 3 weeks that we all keep our sanity and have a safe trip.

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