Monday, January 24, 2011

A Couch

A simple couch...that is what I need but who would have thought it would be so hard to get one? I have looked at a dozen stores but just can't seem to find one that jumps up and says 'buy me!' I know, I know! I am too picky about things. Sorry but I just can't help it! Unfortunately, I have bought couches (and other furniture pieces) because they were 'ok' or 'on sale' or 'will do for now' but I am determined not to do that this time. I want a couch that looks nice, is comfortable, built well and at a reasonable price. I have finally found a couple of couches that fit my criteria but I can't decide on a color choice. I have had blue couches for more than 25 years. In fact, I have only had one other color and that was chocolate brown. I love blue but I am ready for something different. Something that will spice up the room a little. I always take the tried and true because that is what everyone expects of me...not necessarily what I really want. I really have a much more flamboyant person inside than most people realize. I just do a very good job of keeping her contained. I seem to have this very practical side of me that normally wins out. So I have decided that I am not purchasing a tan or beige couch because they are very neutral and would go with anything. I am not taking another blue couch. I am blued out! I would consider a purple or plum colored couch but haven't come across one. I have basically narrowed it down to two or green. The red couch is not a true red but rather a rusty, spicy dark red. The green is a nice dark olive tone green. Either one would fit in my new living room very nicely. I am leaning toward the spicy red. It would add a splash of color to the room and brighten everything up without being too vibrant and loud. But I think Allen would prefer the green one...a little calmer...more understated. So alas, my dilemma. Do I take what I think would please others or just say 'what the heck!' and go for some spice?!


  1. Well, I think you should get what YOU want for a change! Not what someone else thinks would look good, or thinks would fit your style. You need to start doing more of what you want and this would be a good thing to start with!! :)

  2. Thanks! Yeah...I think some spice would be nice!